3 Ways to simplify your life

3 Ways to simplify your life - Simply Natural Home

Do you know the feeling of “Is this what my life is all about? Is this my balance? Am I supposed to feel happy?”

Read on and find 3 ways to simplify your life so you will answer your questions with




Digital Detox – How to find a balance?

Our digital world is certainly overwhelming. It seems near impossible to not have a mobile phone or a computer, but we can find ways to not be completely overrun and drained by our digital world.

My tips:

  • Make "flight mode" your best friend, especially when kids use it. Download music or movies and watch on flight mode instead of life streaming to avoid harmful radiation.

  • Create “phone free” spaces/times. For example no phone at the dinner table and not in the bedroom to ensure family communication and a restful going to sleep routine.

  • Digital overload can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and balance. Awareness is the start of improvement.

  • If you feel sensitive or like to protect yourself and your family from harmful EMF. Find answers on our website.


Stay true to your self

This is a good one, but what does it actually mean? If you stay true to yourself, you might be surprised how little you really need in life to be happy.

  • First of all, always go with your gut feeling and trust it will be right!

  • Go shopping wisely and consciously. Ask yourself how YOU and/or others benefit from what you consider to buy. Is it just another addition to a collection? The less we collect around us, the freer and lighter we feel.

  • Are you committing to appointments and meetings you don't really feel like going to? Can you avoid it? Don't say yes if you feel like saying “No”. A polite “No” is better than a grumpy “Yes”.

  • If you feel like you have a different point to others. Don't be afraid to mention it without trying to convince the other person. Honesty goes a long way. You'll feel better and someone else might have gotten a new insight to consider.


Less is more

You've probably heard that before. Simple, but powerful words. In many cases we can feel better, if we approach it from the “less is more” point of view.

  • less clutter, more space to breathe and feel more comfortable

  • less appointments and commitments to find more daily balance

  • less expectations from life to feel happier with what you have

  • start with only one bit “less” at a time and feel your way to more freedom within.


I can honestly say, there has been plenty of days, where I wondered “Is this happiness? Are we on the right path with our initial low power off grid living, small income and spending more time at home rather than out and about working? We don't have to go far and our children see different lifestyles and gadgets from TV to exciting toys and more. Are we missing out...?


Then, when we have a quiet moment to sit in front of our outdoor fire bucket, looking at the stars we say... “YES, this is how we love to live!”


Happy simplifying :). Be yourself, be true and comment below if this resonates with you and how you find your balance!

Tatjana xx



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