A story of love – Baltic Linen

Natural Linen on Wooden Table

Must knows about Baltic Linen

Pure Linen, one of the oldest used fibres in the textile history. Where does the deep linen connection to the baltic states come from?

We are having a little closer look at Lithuania, one of the baltic states. Lithuania has a very rich and long tradition, in fact thousands of years, when it comes to growing and producing linen (flax). A whole nation has been growing, living, talking, wearing and showing linen.

Lithuania is well known for its high quality linen. It is shown in the look, the feel and its performance. A true love for the fibre comes from way back and is still present today.

Western Europe has a perfect climate to grow high quality flax. Lithuania is very suitable for growing flax, but the linen production has slowed down a lot over the years. Saying that, the popularity of linen is growing again worldwide and by choosing lithuanian linen we support local growers and producers as well as a very sustainable fibre. Sharing awareness and love for this much loved natural fibre helps to revive a very old tradition of linenlove.

Simply Natural Home premium baltic linen is handcrafted in a 3rd generation lithuanian family business. With love and expertise they produce in their own manufacturing unit in Lithuania. Every piece is carefully prepared and hand-checked. With true passion, an outstanding linen of finest quality is created.

We are very proud and excited to be able to support the linen story of love. Do you like traditions and love supporting family business?

Please comment below and join us on our premium natural linen journey, handcrafted in Lithuania. xx

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  • Merrin Glasgow

    Hello again Tatjana
    I contacted you in February this year, regarding your knowledge of linen. I am the dressmaker and artist, who lives in Coolamon , 40 kms from Wagga Wagga.
    Do you have a stall at the Rewild Community Market Saturday 27 th March?
    If so , maybe there will be a chance to meet you.
    Kind regards,

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