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Simply Natural Home Story - Simply Natural Home

Written by Johne Kohne from Boutiques Australia

Since her teen years, Tatjana Crealy – the founder of Simply Natural Home – has embodied the principles of good health and healthy living, using natural, sustainable resources.

Starting her professional life as a fitness and aerobics instructor in Germany she then became a Bowen Therapist incorporating a range of natural healing techniques including Kinesiology and Reiki.

Nearly 20 years ago Tatjana travelled to Australia for a backpacking holiday, while here she: fell in love with Australia; fell in love with Craig, an Aussie fisherman, and, after migrating to Australia, fell in love with Tumbarumba, in the beautiful western slopes of the snowy mountains. With a property consisting of “just grass, a creek and a couple of trees” and a determination to live a life as natural and sustainable as the land itself, Tatjana and Craig set about building a beautiful strawbale house (click here to find out more). With the house nearing completion the family (Tatjana, Craig and their two beautiful children) are very excited about moving in.

It was Tatjana’s lifelong pursuit for healthy, natural products and the desire for more time with her two children that proved the catalyst for her business which she launched in 2017.

Two years into her business came the Australian bush fires of 2019 which had a devastating effect across Australia including her community which lost 182 houses with another 44 damaged. Tatjana’s home was almost a victim to the devastating fires with “the fire coming ridiculously close to our house, in fact only 100 metres away!”. Tatjana was overwhelmed by the wonderful support shown to all those whose lives were touched by the bushfires and she thanks Rebecca Wells (@thedaysofuambisouth) from the bottom of her heart for “having me and the kids while we waited for 10 days to be able to go back home again!!.”

From adversity often comes opportunity and Tatjana was quick to see an opportunity to help those in her community that were not as fortunate as she had been. She created “Helping Linen” to help those who lost their homes in the bushfires. Through Helping Linen Tatjana contributes 20% of every Premium Baltic Linen purchase towards supplying affected families with pure linen bed sheets and towels, providing love and support for those rebuilding their lives.

Simply Natural Home offers a range of products for most rooms of the house, such as bath towels, linen throws, tablecloths and all-natural Australian handcrafted Hemp Soap, Simply Natural Home provides a natural and handcrafted alternative to many mass-produced home requirements.

If you are yet to try Simply Natural Home’s products; you cannot go past its pure linen bedlinen. It’s a personal favourite of Tatjana who assures us that “sleeping in linen is just something else! Once you have slept in linen, you will never go back! It is the feeling and comfort the pure linen gives you.”

Simply Natural Home's european handcrafted flax-linen products look beautiful, feel wonderful and are more durable, comfortable, and sustainable than other popular natural fibres. Products made from flax-linen gently caress your skin and the fibre's natural climate control keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Linen is not just a natural fabric; it is an experience!

For your first linen experience Tatjana recommends the amazing and unique Linen Bag Linen Samples.

Starting a business is never easy, especially when going against the mainstream, but Tatjana uses her passion for sustainable, natural and non-toxic resources, and a desire to have more Australians experience the benefits of natural alternatives, to continue growing her business and product range. Mental toughness is also important because, as Tatjana says, “there are ups and downs from feeling very excited and successful to feeling like nothing is working.”

Simply Natural Home’s founder, Tatjana Crealy, embodies the qualities that makes small businesses so great! When asked what her proudest moment since launching Simply Natural Home she said, “When I got my first big hearted thank you from a happy customer!” With her business operating online Tatjana also enjoys the opportunity to go to the local markets and talk to people in person.

If you are looking for unique, natural and top-quality linens and handcrafted soaps then you really should consider checking out Simply Natural Home where you can also learn about Tatjana and her family's journey to live a fully natural and non-toxic lifestyle, see the link below!

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