Do you know the feeling of “Is this what my life is all about? Is this my balance? Am I supposed to feel happy?”

Read on and find 3 ways to simplify your life so you will answer your questions with “YES”

Digital Detox – How to find a balance?

Our digital world is certainly overwhelming. It seems near impossible to not have a mobile phone or a computer, but we can find ways to not be completely overrun and drained by our digital world.

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Since her teen years, Tatjana Crealy – the founder of Simply Natural Home – has embodied the principles of good health and healthy living, using natural, sustainable resources.

Nearly 20 years ago Tatjana travelled to Australia for a backpacking holiday, while here she: fell in love with Australia; fell in love with Craig, an Aussie fisherman, and, after migrating to Australia, fell in love with Tumbarumba, in the beautiful western slopes of the snowy mountains. With a property consisting of “just grass, a creek and a couple of trees” and a determination to live a life as natural and sustainable as the land itself, Tatjana and Craig set about building a beautiful strawbale house 

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