EMF Protection

EMF Protection from Life Energy Solutions (New Zealand)

Life Energy Solutions use a unique technology in their products which offers the best EMF protection, keeping you calm and balanced, and supporting your immune system. They have been in the EMF protection business for fifteen years, and develop their EMF protection products using the scientific research of Wilhelm Reich.

With the proliferation of 5G, they are more dedicated than ever to educating the public on the risks of EMF, as well as developing and strengthening their EMF protection devices to ensure that you, your children, and your pets are kept safe from harm. Wanting to protect yourself against EMF does not mean that you need to line the walls with tinfoil; life can go on as usual, so long as the proper precautions are taken.

If you are ready to make your life safer and healthier, then you will need to consider electromagnetic field protection from phones, domestic appliances, power tools — even your cars. They all radiate EMF and impact your health and well-being. Life Energy Design's electromagnetic field protection products provide shielding and keep you calm, stress-free, healthy, and sleeping better. Whether you are looking for an EMF blocker pendant, cell phone radiation protection, or other EMF protection devices, we have you covered.

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