Bushfires - Helping Linen


We have extended our initial Helping Linen initiative to helping people in need of some extra love due to loss, disease, isolation etc.... there are so many reasons in this current world. Our idea is to let people help friends or loved ones by sharing the linen love.

Thank you for shopping with us. We hope it brightens your day... and someone else's in need :)!



"Helping people who have lost their home in the bushfires." 

Can you imagine coming back to your home and it looks like in the picture below?
Burnt down home in bushfires 2020 Bushfires Tumbarumba



We like to help and will use 10% of every Premium Baltic Linen purchase* to help people/families who have LOST their HOME in the BUSHFIRES.
The Australian bushfires 2019/2020 have been absolutely devastating for so many people and communities. In our Snowy Valleys Council shire alone 182 houses have been lost plus another 44 damaged (info from Snowy Valleys Council).

There is a lot of work, clean up and rebuilding in front of people. We were some of the lucky ones and the fire fighting angels stopped the fire about 100m in front of our house!
We like to help those people and families who have lost their homes in the fires, making them feel a little special and at home by supplying them with a set of our Premium Pure Baltic Linen sheets OR a set of Premium Pure Baltic Linen Towels. The receiver can choose style and colour.

By buying our linen you will help touching someone's life - YOU will feel special by helping others feeling SPECIAL and a little more at home. Per collected $300 we can touch one person's/family's life. Once we have enough funds, I'll deliver/send direct to the people who have lost their home in the bushfires 2019/2020.

Thank you and thanks for sharing.
With lots of love & gratitude,
Tatjana xx

* Please note:
This does not apply if any other discount voucher has been used in checkout.
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