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Our business and we ourselves have evolved over time and whilst we have closed the doors for selling Linen products, the living life naturally passion keeps going.

Our knowledge and passion for off grid living, natural health, wealth and living life to the fullest has brought us to the beautiful understanding of the 5 Types of Wealth.

See our full house building story in pictures below.

LIVE Simply, BE Natural, FEEL at Home

Our Simply Natural Home

For quite some years we have been passionate about building our dream home.

Simply, Natural and a home that lets us feeling at Home. Everything took longer and is different to how it might have been planned, but we are proud to be nearly finished... if you can ever finish...?

Our choices are all based on building as non toxic and natural as possible. So we chose Strawbale, Earth and Timber as building materials. Natural paints, oils, fabrics etc. for the interior wherever we could. 

As a husband and wife team we share and come up with ideas of how to design and build. I am the person in the background for design, colours, writing, photos, paperwork, not to forget the children and more.

And then it is mostly like this:

"How do you want this done?"... "Mmh... Can we have it built like this and this and this?".... "Can you tell me how to structure and build it???"... "No, sorry, I just have the idea. Can you work out how to do it??"..."Let me think about it and I might come up with something..."

And... Craig did come up with a solution for nearly every project we approached!

So, most times it has been a ONE man project. My amazing husband Craig dedicate his time to learn and gain more skills to work through the mostly custom projects from concrete footing to timberframing, rendering, solar system and SO much more. His background as a full time professional fisherman and attitude that "you can learn anything if you really want" gifted us with many precise and beautifully finished first time ever projects.

Today we can confirm, that it has been a challenging, but also the most rewarding journey with the result of not only seeing, but FEELING the difference in living in a highly insulated, natural and non toxic home.

We truely hope that we can inspire you with our journey, because we can't recommend it more!! WE LOVE IT!! With  much love and a huge thank you to my wonderful husband Craig. We love you and are very proud of your work!!

We are very happy to share our insights with you if we got your mind ticking.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to send us a message with any questions you might have.


Lots of study and time went into building and finally erecting the mortise and tenon joinery timberframe made out of Cypress Pine. A very old craft and art. 

Joinery work with chisel
Timberframe layed out on ground before erection
Craig on Timberframe. Putting rafters into place.
Craig on ridge of timberframe

Strawbale building workshop

To erect the strawbale walls we chose to organise a workshop with Thomas Frank from Strawtec. Lots of helping hands were needed and very welcome!! Fantastic job Thomas and everyone who participated. We couldn't have done it without you all!!

Erecting strawbale walls around timberframe
Strawbale house builder with Drill
Strawbale house building workshop site
Timberframe House with strawbale walls

Earthen render

Earthen render went on the inside walls. Lime render on the outside for weather protection. What a muddy experience, but well worth it!!!

Earthen render buckets
Rendering strawbale walls with Earth
Rendering strawbale wall with render pump
Rendering strawbale home with earthen render

Earthen floor

Having an earthen floor was a much loved idea. It all looked great and beautifully smooth. Since tung oil has been our preferred choice for many other projects we decided to use it here as well to seal the earthen floor. A trial looked good, but on the floor it broke the smooth surface and left us a hard, but slightly rough surface. Usable, but a challenge to clean....

How to go about it? Time will show us since we haven't come up with an answer here yet...

Children building earthen floor
Father and son finishing earthen floor
Last wheelbarrow load to finish earthen floor
Girl dancing on earthen floor

Finishing touches

From beautifully rendered bullnoses, tung oiled timber bench top to mosaic detail and custom built non toxic furniture. Beautifully cool in summer, cozy and warm in winter with very little wood heating. We FEEL at HOME and love to hear from you if you like to comment or have questions. You can use the contact form below images.

Thank you so much for connecting with us and nature!

Bathroom with Timberframe
Timber Stairs tung oiled with white rises and natural paint walls
Cypress floor tung oiled, exposed timber frame, natural painted walls
Kitchen in strawbale house. Earthen rendered walls. Tung oiled timber bench top. Earthen floor.