Testimonial - I was wrong in my scepticism

Hemp Soaps

It is in my nature to be sceptical of new products, especially those that promise to do many things, so I was initially a little sceptical that this hemp soap would be anything more than a beautiful, handcrafted soap.

But I am not too proud to say I was wrong in my scepticism!

I tried the Rosemary and Lavender soap initially and later bought the Patchouli and Rose Geranium and I love both. The organic nature of the scent was really pleasing, no chemical smell or feel.

Simply as a soap it is a lovely product, but what I was really impressed with was how great it was as a substitute for shaving cream and shampoo. My legs felt silky soft after using it as a shaving cream substitute and my hair felt (and looked) clean and healthy after the first use as a shampoo substitute.

I also purchased a kid's hemp soap for my three year old, she loves her frog soap and really looks forward to washing her hands!

I absolutely love that I am now able to stop buying chemical filled, excessively packaged items and am able to use a simple bar of soap in their place. From an environmental perspective I am so relieved to have been introduced to this soap.

I'm such a convert I immediately bought bars for all my friends. Perfect 'iso' gifts!

I definitely recommend it. 5 stars!

Tracy Allen