Linen Bath Sheet Washed Waffle Blush Rose
Linen Bath Sheet Washed Waffle Blush Rose on chair

Linen Bath Sheet Washed Waffle - Blush Rose

-Bath Sheet

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Pure linen towels are well known as premium high quality towels! These gorgeous 100% Linen towels, handcrafted in Lithuania, are functional and absolutely addictive! They are super soft to touch and a luxurious experience for your skin.

The towels are beautifully soft and lightweight and since there is no rubbing needed they are perfect for babies, children and people with sensitive skin. Simply press a towel to your skin and moisture is absorbed immediately.

Being thin and lightweight they take up very little cupboard space - this also makes them a great travel towel.

Linen towels are extremely absorbent and quick drying - simply leave near a heater, in the sun or wind and they dry within a few minutes .

Multipurpose use - they come in handy as a baby blanket, a beach towel, a skirt, or a wrap to cover yourself on a chilly evening.

They get even softer and smoother after each wash.

Our high quality linen towels are pre-washed during the production process which makes them extremely soft yet durable and colours will not fade after washing. Towel seams are reinforced and special loops have been added for easier hanging.

Handcrafted in Lithuania. OEKO TEX Certificate.

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