Linen Fabric Meets Bathroom

Linen Huckaback Towel Black on Basket

Top 9 reasons to choose linen fabric bath towels.

Pure linen fabric towels are the finest of all towels. Why do they have this premium reputation?

Following the ancient textile tradition of Germany and Scandinavia, the Huckaback Weave (linen and cotton) is still being produced and used for most towels. This special coarse weave has been proven to provide all the essential qualities that well-functioning bathroom linen needs.

1. Pure linen bath towels don't only look amazing! After having a relaxing and rebalancing shower or bath, drying off with a pure linen bath towel gives you the feeling of a super soft and cosy hug.

2. There is no need for rubbing since linen bath towels absorb moisture as they touch your skin, then dry super quickly.

3. Furthermore, linen towels are a wonderful choice for people with sensitive skin and especially ideal for the delicate skin of babies.

4. Premium linen towels are not only super soft, they are durable and long lasting - properties that are increasingly valued in our sustainable living environment.

Some added benefits of choosing pure linen towels in your bathroom:

5. They fit easily into a backpack or suitcase and have many handy uses while travelling.

6. Timeless and classic, Pure Linen Towels never go out of fashion.

7. Pure Linen Towels look and feel amazing, while at the same time adding style and functionality to your bathroom.

8. A variety of colour choices will help you to display your personal style in your bathroom.

9. Choosing to use sustainable premium pure linen bath towelling in your bathroom is the perfect way to pamper yourself, style your bathroom while taking care of Mother Earth.

Do you like the idea of using pure linen towels in YOUR bathroom?
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