Hemp is one of the most exciting fibres. A true gift from nature. 

  • Hemp fibres are the longest, most durable, soft fibres of any natural product. They are 25 times more durable than cotton. 

  • Hemp provides excellent "climate control" for the wearer with the hollow fibre acting as an insulator, keeping cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

  • Hemp softens with use/wearing and washing, without losing its strength. This means that the more it is worn/used and washed, it becomes even more comfortable. You can expect to wear out before your hemp fabric does.

  • Hemp fabric breathes well, absorbs moisture and resists UV radiation making it ideal fr Australian conditions. 100% Hemp fibre is 95% UV resistant.

  • Hemp fibre also has a "springiness" or memory so that creasing is less than other natural fibres and gets less as the fabric is used.

  • Hemp's superior strength and durability means garments still look good long after their first wear.

  • Hemp is grown chemical free, enriches its soil, saves water and produces 2-4 times more fibre per area than other sources. 

  • Hemp fibres are naturally resistant to damp, mould, mildew and bacteria, moths and silverfish.

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