Down to Earth

Luxurious European Linen & Australian Made Hemp Soaps

All Natural

Australian handcrafted Hemp Shampoo & Body Soaps

We believe in living simply and choosing all things natural that make you feel at home.

With Love for Quality and Zero Waste Production. 

Sustainable & Non Toxic

Functional & Timeless European Linen, handcrafted in Lithuania

100% Australian Owned

Warmth & Earthiness

Natural Linen Table Setting

Discover the beauty of natural tones and different textures on your table setting.

Natural linen color creates warmth, coziness, and earthiness without looking sterile or cold as white and gray often do.

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Linen Wash Cloth blush rose with pink sheep all natural Hemp Soap

Linen Fabric Meets Bathroom

Top 9 reasons to choose linen bath towels

Pure linen fabric towels are the finest of all towels. Why do they have this premium reputation?

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A story of love - Baltic Linen

Must knows about Baltic Linen

Pure Linen, one of the oldest used fibres in the textile history. Where does the deep linen connection to the baltic states come from?

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