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We simply offer Quality versus Quantity and zero waste production. 

Sustainable & Non Toxic. 

Functional & Timeless treasures that connect our hearts with our home.


Daisy's bed linen is seriously unbeatable compared to all of my other linens. Just beautiful, easy to wash and so soft. I have all the feels, can't speak high enough xx! 


Sara Hutcheon

Absolutely beautiful. The soap smells amazing and actually leaves both yourself and hair smelling fresh even after the shower which I find so many other soaps do not do unless they are...

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Lisa Watson

The towels are lovely and I love that they dry so fast and won't pill. Will save up for a couple more.


Karen Podmore

I use this soap daily in my home and not only does it have a lovely scent, but it is very hard wearing, standing up a lot of handwashing. A beautiful hard worker. I will be buying again!

Kerri Thomas

It is in my nature to be sceptical of new products, especially those that promise to do many things, so I was initially a little sceptical that this hemp soap would be anything more than a beautiful, handcrafted soap. But... Read more


Tracy Allen

Hi Tatjana!

My parcel arrived this morning ☺️

Your personal touch of a handwritten note is just so lovely and the care you take in packaging orders is tangible and...

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Fee Brown
Linen Throw Washed Waffle Big Fringe - Blush Rose Linen Throw Washed Waffle Big Fringe - Natural Linen Throw Washed Waffle Big Fringe - Stone Blue Linen Throw Washed Waffle Big Fringe - Ice Blue Linen Throw Washed Waffle Big Fringe -Grey

Pure Softness

Natural Linen Throws

When you feel like a soft and comforting hug. Get snug in these gorgeous throws which are unbeatable for all seasons. Cool in summer and warm in winter.

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All Natural Hemp Soaps

Your skin will absolutely love our locally handcrafted non toxic Hemp Soaps. Use for Body, Face, Hair and Shaving. Zero waste!

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Linen Wash Cloth blush rose with pink sheep all natural Hemp Soap

Linen Fabric Meets Bathroom

Top 9 reasons to choose linen bath towels

Pure linen fabric towels are the finest of all towels. Why do they have this premium reputation?

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Home destroyed after bushfire in Tumbarumba region

Helping Linen

"Helping people who have lost their home in the bushfires."

You contribute with every Linen purchase.

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A story of love - Baltic Linen

Must knows about Baltic Linen

Pure Linen, one of the oldest used fibres in the textile history. Where does the deep linen connection to the baltic states come from?

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