QSB and QSB wave, a revolution in frequency healing.
QSB Wave is a relution in healing
QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) on top of QSB Wave
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QSB and QSB Wave Combo

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QSB and QSB Wave Combo

The QSB Wave is a device to overlay subtle frequencies to a carrier frequency generated by the Wave.

This frequency is the DNA repair frequency 528Hz. The specially designed energetic plate has Life Energy Solution's pendant technology underneath to maximize the energetic transference from whatever is on the plate onto the carrier wave.

This carrier frequency with the embedded subtle information from the plate is now injected into the QSB which broadcasts into the surrounding space.

Providing the body with uncorrupted DNA information is a powerful thing to do as you might imagine. With the understanding that we are a system of energy and information molded by consciousness, what we are talking about is replacing corrupted information in this system.

Dr. Peter Gariaev was a Nobel Prize-winning genius of our age without a doubt. Like all great visionaries, he is well ahead of his time.

Gariaev concluded that the blueprint that our body uses to remake itself is not part of the “physical” body and in fact is stored in our energetic field. Our DNA is like our computer accessing this field, which is like our cloud account on the internet in this analogy.

Unfortunately, this blueprint information is subject to degradation over time as we pollute our systems with negative thoughts and emotions on top of environmental toxins such as EMF.

Gariaev’s “what if” moment led him to realise that the original blueprint could be found, accessed, and used to over-write this corrupted version.

Life Energy Solutions has taken his work forward by making a variation of his healing technology available to everyone! The QSB wave.

The marriage of Nikola Tesla’s and Peter Gariaev’s work seems to be made in Heaven and the QSB will truly come of age with the addition of the QSB Wave and be a forerunner in a revolution in healing technologies.

David Slinger from Life Energy Solutions realised that his process could be simplified and made widely available to everybody with the help of their QSB by connecting it to the QSB Wave.

The QSB Wave represents a revolution. To say we are excited would be the biggest understatement of the century!

” ….And now! I have been privileged to try the QSB Wave before its release. As well as sitting with the QSB Wave I put the crystal water bottle next to it so that again, I can sip the frequencies during the day.

I have shared that with a friend facing major bowel surgery.

She had nineteen sessions during which time she commented on how much calmer she felt and less apprehensive. The bowel condition was less severe, and her aches and pains were improved... years younger. Mary has been dealing with bereavement and moving to a retirement village, so it was remarkable to hear her say the other day that she felt ten years younger.”

Elizabeth Salmon NZ.

The QSB wave works with a DNA sample or a photograph of a young healthy child. If you are the person to receive healing then this child can be you.

Failing this you could use that of a young version of any family member who would have the DNA of your mother and father. This could be a sibling or a niece/nephew for example. It could also be your child or grandchild.


If you are interested in reading some of Dr. Gariaev’s testimonials translated into English, go HERE.

Our page on his work can be found HERE

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